Pizza Making at The Villa-Saturday 26th April

The Friday Night Project descended upon The Villa Restaurant in Clitheroe on Saturday 26th April for a pizza making feast. Pinot the owner kindly invited the children to show off their pizza making skills and they did not disappoint. First up the children were presented with their pizza dough, next they added their own chosen ingredients to include salami, pepperoni, cheese, sweetcorn¬† to name but a few. They then had to take it to Massimo the pizza chef to watch it being baked, then Head Chef Steve had the honour of slicing the pizza’s. Finally the children got stuck in and some had more on their face than they did on their plates. The adults were not left out as they all had pizza as well. And sticking with Italian tradition the children had a choice of ice creams for their cones. We all went on to the patio for a chill out and photoshoot.

The Friday Night Project would like to thank Pinot, Steve, Massimo, George and all the other wonderfull staff for making this a brilliant experience for our group. And as for the invite to return in six months, try and stop us.

Friday Night Project РEvery Friday 4 till 6 pm