Blackpool Illuminations

On Saturday 4th October we set off for a trip to Sunny Blackpool. David our trusty bus driver got us there safe and sound. After we parked up we made our way to the sea front for a walk along the promenade. Connor and Luke enjoyed Lyndsey’s maypole whilst Mason, Luke and Connor enjoyed piggy backs from John. Everyone was enjoying the sea air which made their tummies rumble even more. We set off to Bentley’s Chip Shop to have our tea. The food,and service from Karen and the staff was excellent and I would recommend their fish and chips as one of the best and as people who know me know I’m no stranger to a fish supper.

Once we were fed and watered we went back to the prom for a walk and wander and waited for the lights to come on.Everyone enjoyed seeing the lights and then we had a visit to the fudge shop. We thought Dave was going to pass away when he was told how much his pick ‘n’ mix was going to cost. Rebecca opted for a trip to the Rock Shop.

After a quick discussion we decided to go back to the bus to go through the rest of the lights and we finished at Bispham. The usual suspects fell asleep on the bus on the way home, Reece, Luke and our newbie Rebecca. Another great club activity.