Big Day Out to Light-Water Valley

Our Big Day Out to Light-water Valley Theme Park was on Friday 25th July. Our driver David from Travel Assist got everyone sorted and away we went. The journey was uneventful apart from “Isn’t that a pip” coming from Bradley at the back every 10 minutes.

On arrival we got our tickets sorted and we went on our merry way. First up was the Ultimate for the thrill seekers of the party. And thrill it did, we have photographic evidence to prove it, haven’t we Bronya? A teasing big drop followed by another one that takes you winding through the woods at speed that’s not for the faint hearted. A slight delay coming back down to earth as it was all too much for some poor soul in the front train. Next up a good old soaking on the water rapids, wet bottoms aplenty especially for Lyndsey, Sean, Reece and Franc. Pirate ships, Ladybird and Caterpillar rides were conquered by Jack and Mason then it was feeding time at the zoo. Prices are reasonable for a meal deal.

A gentle stroll to the big wheel for a leisurely scenic view of the park whilst our lunch settled or so we thought. First group on and it broke down, not to worry a gentle ride on swan lake will suffice, that’s if the boat will go anywhere except round in circles.

A chance for the kids to show off their balance on the body boards, no problem for our motley bunch. Log flume next for a splashing for Dave and Luke. The final encounter was with the roller coaster in the dark. I re-emerged from the depths of the earth a little traumatised, not from the effects of the ride but from my partner in the train Alex, he screamed the whole way round and held on to me very tightly for good measure but boy did he make me laugh.

Monica and the others in the group had a brilliant day as well.

Ice Lolly time then we set off on our journey home. Most of the kids fell asleep on the way home, that is apart from the nosey ones.

We would like to thank Jim and David from Travel Assist for their excellent customer services and for helping our Big Day Out go so smoothly and we look forward to working with you in the future.

A big thanks to Tam at Robertson’s Reef and Reptiles and his customers for continuing to support us with donations from our collection tin. We all enjoyed the ice lollies especially as it was a lovely warm day.

A massive BIG THANK YOU to all the children and young people and their carers from the Friday Night Project for all their fundraising projects that help us go from strength to strength. Here’s to our next Big Day Out to the Illuminations. Watch out Blackpool, we are on our way.